In designing our homes, replacement cushions for outdoor furniture play an important role in creating a new look for home outdoor areas such patios, verandas, porches, or decks. We usually see stylish houses featured in lifestyle TV shows and magazines, especially those with posh patios and aesthetic landscapes. We want to get that. We dream of having what we see on TV and magazines. Though that’s the case for most of us, getting a new look for our patios shouldn’t cost much. We can start our redesigning and make an outdoor oasis with replacement cushions.


The Outdoor And Indoor Cushions

Many of us are probably interested to know the real difference between outdoor and indoor cushions. Well, the main difference between the two is their durability and the type of fabric used. The outdoor cushions are made more durable because these types need to withstand the different weathers. Also, the fabrics used for outdoor cushions are water resistant. It must not absorb moisture to prevent insect infestation. Although the outdoor cushions are designed to be more durable than the indoor variety, damage can still be incurred without proper maintenance. Leaving it outside for the whole year, especially during the winter season may cause damage.

Why Use Replacement Cushions For Outdoor Furniture?

If the outdoor furniture we own looks dull and outdated, a makeover is definitely needed. Whatever is the function of this area, we would want to make the perfect ambiance when we stay here. For those who want to give their patios, verandas, or porches, a new look, replacement cushions are something to consider. The replacement cushions do not only give these areas a new look; these are also cost efficient. We do not need an extravagant budget to get our ideal outdoor living areas. Replacement cushions are way cheaper than buying a new set. Also, we can also save by using an old cushion and covering it with a new fabric. We just need to be creative and innovative in making or choosing designs.


Considerations In Choosing Replacement Cushions For Outdoor Furniture

mediterranean-patio-furniture-and-outdoor-furnitureWe have different preferences, so our ideas on the best replacement cushions may vary. There are different colors and designs to choose from. When searching for replacement cushions, certain considerations should be kept in mind. The most important consideration is the cushion’s durability. The materials that are used should be suited for outdoor use. The fabric and materials used should be engineered for the climate and daily use. If this is not the case, then, it will surely need to be replaced sooner than expected. Ideal quality fabric includes the synthetic ones like acrylic and olefin. These two are excellent for outdoor use because they are both water and fade resistant. They dry quickly and do not stain easily. Both are easy to clean. Another consideration is the price. We should make sure that the replacement cushions we get are inexpensive but still offer good quality. Other things to consider in buying replacement cushions are the style, whether it “fits” the furniture, and the ease of cleaning them.


Where To Look For Replacement Cushions

A little research would help a lot in finding the most affordable and highest quality replacement cushions. By searching the internet, we can find online retailers which offer various types and designs. Some retailers even customize them. We can also look at garage sales or nearby furniture stores.

Redesigning our outdoor living areas does not have to involve extravagant makeovers. What we need is a little creativity and patience in finding great replacement cushions for outdoor furniture.